Translational Funding

Case Western Reserve University’s Office of Research and Technology Management has a vast funding network available to inventors. Explore them below.

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Funding Network




Case-Coulter Translational Research Program (CCTRP) 

$50,000-$200,000 /yr; Pilot grants <$25,000

Focus: Preparing projects for commercialization, technical feasibility, market feasibility and industry interest. Readiness within three to five years.


• Must have Biomedical Engineering (BME) collaborator

CWRU Technology Validation and Startup Fund Program (CTP)

$50,000/year wit a 1:1 cost match required (from non federal funding source)

Focus: To accelerate and fund the translation of promising technologies into the marketplace through Ohio-based companies with the eventual goal of creating greater economic growth. The $500,000 fund will help faculty researchers advance and commercialize their innovations. 


• Late-stage validation/proof of technologies to enhance commercial viability.

• Awarded by the Ohio Third Frontier and managed through the CWRU Technology Transfer Office• Follow-on Phase II funding available to startups (with license from CWRU) through Ohio Third Frontier

Council to Advance Human Health (CAHH)

Up to $75,000/year

Focus: Drug development


• Eligible investigators are invited to present their projects to the council

Clinical and Translational Science Collaborative (CTSC) Annual Pilot Program


Focus: To promote innovative research teams capable of interacting across institutions, schools, and

disciplines to generate novel ideas and data on translational research projects

Core Utilization Pilot Grants

Awards of up to $10,000 for six months

Focus: To promote the use of technologies and expertise afforded by identified core facilities available at all partner institutions.

Harrington Discovery Institute (HDI)- Harrington Scholar-Innovator

$100,000/year, with an opportunity to qualify for up to $700,000

Focus: Drug development; project management and consulting services from experienced drug development personnel


• Other disease specific grants available

• Managed through University Hospitals

Student Project Fund

The Student Project Fund supports full-time undergraduate and graduate students for extracurricular, competition-based and entrepreneurial projects. Funds are meant to cover materials, equipment, manufacturing costs and other related expenses. Total disbursement is contingent on students submitting an interim report and final report describing the project’s progress and a record of expenditures.

External Funds

A variety of external funding sources are available to CWRU inventors.

Innovation Fund

Founded by the Lorain Community College Foundation in 2007, Innovation Fund America has since expanded to North Carolina, Michigan and California. As of February 2019, Innovation Fund has committed more than $15 million to 273 Northeast Ohio startups, granted through two types of funding options. 

Option A awards up to $25,000 for ideas that need validation/proof. Entrepreneurs can use the funding to develop or test a prototype, file patents, or get clinical trials started. Option B is a loan of up to $100,000 for developed technologies, often with a working prototype. Funding is used to attract initial customers, market test products, make key hires, and advance product testing. Both options must be matched dollar-for-dollar and if successful, the loan must be repaid. 

Read about Innovation Fund’s funding for startups.

JumpStart Funds

JumpStart, an active venture capital investor, maintains funds to support the growth of high-potential startups and small businesses.

These funds include:

  • JumpStart Evergreen Fund: A nonprofit fund that invests seed seed capital in the highest potential companies in Northeast Ohio. Investments start at $250,000. Learn more about the JumpStart Evergreen Fund.
  • JumpStart Focus Fund: A fund investing seed capital in tech-based companies led by female entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs of color and based in Ohio or willing to move to the state. Focus Fund investments typically start at $250,000. Learn more about the JumpStart Focus Fund.
  • JumpStart NEXT Fund: A for-profit venture fund that invests in early-stage Ohio-based technology startups. The fund is designed to make Series A investments typically in the range of $500k and $1.5M. Learn more about the JumpStart NEXT Fund.

North Coast Ventures

Northeast Ohio’s first professionally-managed angel fund, North Coast Ventures, is a contributed capital and “sidecar” pre-seed investment fund that focuses on early-stage technology companies. Explore North Coast Ventures’ funds.