Transfer of PI to Another Institution

Principal investigators (PIs) leaving Case Western Reserve University who wish to continue their research programs at another institution are urged to discuss their plans with the department chair and administrator as soon as possible. This helps ensure that awards are transferred in a timely manner. 
PIs are responsible for working with research administrators for:

  • the completion of required documentation for the transfer of active grants to the new institution, 
  • the transition of sponsored research activities that are to remain at CWRU, 
  • the disposition of equipment, and 
  • laboratory cleanouts.

Though each situation is unique, in general, active grants are relinquished to the sponsor, along with equipment acquired on the project. Careful planning is needed to ensure a smooth transition. The Office of Pre-Award Services and Agreements (PASA) and the Office of Post-Award Services and Financial Compliance (PASC) staff are responsible for advising and assisting throughout the process.

Sponsor-Specific Guidelines for a PI Transfer

For the transfer of an award from the NIH, an Official Statement Relinquishing Interests and Rights in a Public Health Service Research Grant (PHS 3734) (relinquishing statement) must be prepared and submitted by PASC, along with the Final FFR Expenditure Data and a Final Invention Statement. These documents are due to NIH from the relinquishing organization no later than 120 days after the end of NIH support of the project.