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Awards and Agreements

Managing Research Projects

From the moment a researcher receives a notice of award, all the way through to the project closeout, the Office of Research and Technology Management (ORTM) serves as a partner in effectively managing sponsored projects. ORTM is also responsible for the execution of non-financial agreements that are required for certain types of activities related to research at Case Western Reserve University.

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Agreements formalize relationships, define responsibilities and provide a legal framework for conducting research at Case Western Reserve University. The Office of Pre-Award Service and Agreements (PASA) is responsible for the review and execution of certain non-financial agreements related to research, such as Data Use Agreements (DUAs) or Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs).

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Help Throughout the Process

Successful management of sponsored projects requires collaboration among ORTM, the PI and the department- and school- based research administrators. The Office of Pre-Award Services and Agreements (PASA) and the Office of Post-Award Services and Financial Compliance (PASC) are central resources that jointly coordinate and manage awards and agreements.