Foundation Funding Opportunities

Foundations offer a wide range of funding opportunities for researchers to explore, from modest sums to multimillion-dollar grants.

While some foundations are dedicated to more focused topics, others may shift their funding priorities to respond to societal issues or local or global needs. Seeking foundation grant support can help researchers diversify their funding portfolio.

If you’re interested in pursuing foundation funding, Case Western Reserve University has resources on campus to support you. Please reach out to a member of the Research and Competitive Awards Development team or the School of Medicine’s Foundations Relations team, both noted below. 

CWRU Office of Foundation and Corporate Relations

Research and Competitive Awards Development (RCAD) is the arm of the Case Western Reserve University’s Office of Foundation and Corporate Relations that focuses on RFP-based opportunities offered by foundations, associations and corporations at the $100,000 level and above. RCAD works to match opportunities with appropriate faculty members from all schools and colleges except the School of Medicine

RCAD then provides as much support as needed to ensure that the proposal is submitted. Support includes proofreading, drafting and collecting letters of support, creating biosketches and providing lay language as required. 

Our goal is to enable each PI to focus on their science, and not to worry about the administrative components of the proposal. We also work with members of the Office of Research and Technology Management and the research infrastructure located within the university’s schools and college to ensure submissions are compliant with CWRU policies. 


School of Medicine Foundation Relations Team

The School of Medicine Foundation Relations Team provides services to help principal investigators (PIs) and their teams secure philanthropic funding to support research, programs and initiatives at the School of Medicine. 

This includes research on potential funders for your projects, editing scientific and lay narratives, framing your proposal to foundation interests, assisting with institutional letters and letters of support, accessing internal resources or support, linking PIs, grant reporting, and engaging with foundation leadership to ask questions, set up and host meetings, site visits and events.  

Contact the School of Medicine Foundation Relations Team