Award Reconciliation and Forecasting

Part of the Office of Research and Technology Management, the Office of Post-Award Services and Financial Compliance (PASC) works with principal investigators (PIs) to maintain financial compliance. 

Review Project Financial Reports

A variety of reports are available on the Peoplesoft ERP Financials website to assist with the management of research projects. Both salary and non-salary reports are available as PDFs or Excel spreadsheets. Each month, once the previous month’s close reports are available, additional reports may be run ad hoc throughout the month. Both the PI and research administrator are responsible for reviewing and reconciling project statements monthly. Specific guidance and tools for the review of reports is available on the RADAR Training website

When reviewing project statements, please ensure:

  • Personnel effort on each project is in alignment with committed effort and the budget.
  • All non-salary expenses belong on the project budget, are in the correct account and are allowable.

Quarterly Financial Planning and Projections

At least once a quarter the PI and research administrator should meet to review salary distributions, expenses and spending projections for all open and ongoing projects to ensure that projects will not be over budget or have large balances when project or budget periods end. During this quarterly meeting, changes in personnel effort should be reviewed to ensure that personnel are allocated to each project in accordance with their effort on the project. Note that carrying over funds from one budget period to the next may require prior approval, so be sure to review your Notice of Award (NOA) for terms and conditions.