Research Tools and Applications

The Office of Research and Technology Management uses a range of applications and systems for the administration of research at Case Western Reserve University. Here’s a list of the commonly used systems.

Systems for the Administration of Research

  • SpartaCOI: System for administering research-related conflict of interest disclosures and certifications.
  • SpartaGrants: System for the submission, management and tracking of sponsored projects at CWRU. The system replaced SpartaPre, which remains available with read-only access.
  • SpartaAgreements: Application that manages initiation, review and execution of agreements. This system enables specialists to communicate with Technology Transfer Office (TTO), University Technology (UTech), the University Compliance Program and the Office of General Counsel, regarding agreement terms and conditions.
  • SpartaIRB: System for submitting to the CWRU and University Hospitals Institutional Review Board.
  • Spiderweb: Platform that houses effort reporting information and CREC certifications. Learn about Spiderweb training.
  • Proposal and Award Database System (PADS): Internal financial reporting tool for research administrators.
  • OSPARS: Contains management level summary reports of proposals and awards across the university over a period of three to five years prior to the current fiscal year.
  • iRIS: System for Institutional Biosafety Committee submissions.
  • PeopleSoft Financials and Reporting environments:
  • PeopleSoft HCM: HCM is the Human Capital Management System, an administrative database used for employee records, employee benefits and payroll. The system also includes the time reporting system used by all staff and student employees as well as an online recruiting system used for all staff positions. For training on the system, visit the HCM information page.
  • The university Data Tableau server is the CWRU enterprise environment that meets most of the data needs at the university, which includes financial, Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and personal identifying data. Learn how to access data.

Contact the IT support team at in the Office of Research Administration for questions regarding Sparta applications, Spiderweb, PADS or OSPARS.

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