No Cost Extension Requests

If project work is ongoing and funds remain available to cover project expenses, requesting an extension of the project period may be appropriate for researchers at Case Western Reserve University. Considerations include funds available, timing, and approvals required. All no cost extension requests are made via SpartaGrants. Guidance on using SpartaGrants is available on the SpartaGrants canvas site. 

Timing: No cost extension (NCE) requests should be made through SpartaGrants three to four weeks for the expiration of an award. If sponsor approval is required the request should be made at earlier than four weeks. Award terms and conditions should be reviewed to determine if and when sponsor approval is required. 

Justification: Appropriate rationale for the extension include: time for completion of original project objectives, continuity of support while a competing renewal application is under review or time to complete the phase out of a project that did not receive continued support. Justification should include:

  • The overall rationale
  • The number of months needed.
  • A statement that the project's original approved scope will not be changed.
  • A statement that senior/key personnel have a measurable level of effort.

A no cost extension cannot be requested under the following circumstances:

  • For the sole purpose of exhausting unexpended funds
  • Requires the need for additional federal funds
  • Changing the scope or objectives of the project

A request for a second no-cost extension will be considered by some sponsors, but it must also be properly signed and submitted through The Office of Pre-Award Services and Agreements (PASA). Some sponsors will not consider any no-cost extension unless it has been signed and submitted through PASA.


NIH: Refer to your NIH Notice of Grant Award for any restrictions. Typically, NIH allows a one time no cost extension. If NIH approval is required then the request must be made through eraCommons and be submitted by a CWRU institutional official. View the available NIH guidance.

NSF: Refer to the NSF PAPPG for NCE rules and requirements. NCE requests are submitted by a CWRU institutional official via Find guidance for the use of

For all other sponsors please review the terms and conditions of the award and work with your PASA specialist to submit the NCE request to the sponsor. 

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