CREC-Approved Training

The Continuing Research Education Credit (CREC) Program at Case Western Reserve University facilitates free documented training on protecting human subjects of research. Once you’ve completed the initial core training for CREC, you can make use of the following training.

The CREC Team receives a all completed training. Your CREC account will be updated within 24 - 48 hours (during business days). Please email with questions.

Training Categories

CREC program members who have completed the initial core training can renew their certifications using any of the options below. Learn more about initial core training.

CWRU and University Hospitals Research Education

Throughout the year, the Office of Research and Technology Management at CWRU and the Office of Research Integration and Education at University Hospitals (UH) collaborate to provide a variety of pre-approved seminars and on-demand training in UH GPS, a talent and learning management system. The amount of credits for CREC-eligible training will be stated. Review upcoming training opportunities at CWRU and ​UH

Office for Human Research Protection (OHRP) Training

 Please send a copy of the completion certificate to to receive credit.  

Program for Readability in Science and Medicine (PRISM) | 4 credits

PRISM plain language communication training will help research teams improve the readability of consent forms and other participant materials.

Please send a copy of the completion certificate or a screenshot of the "Course Evaluation & Completion (Page 55)" to to receive credit. 

Additional Good Clinical Practice (GCP) Courses | 6 credits

Please send a copy of the completion certificate to to receive credit. 

CREC Credit Application

Research education and training activities not included on this page (such as departmental or external seminars and conferences) may also be eligible for CREC. Credits are awarded based on the amount of time and information dedicated to the ethical conduct of human subjects research. 

You can apply for credit individually or for a group. Applications are accepted with appropriate supporting documentation (program agenda, seminar handouts, list of attendees), before the event or upon its completion.

Complete the CREC Credit Application,‌ attach the supporting documents above and email

CREC Training Presentations

Eliciting the Patient's Experience of Illness through Narrative & Reflection

(1 CREC)

Research Involving Vulnerable Populations

(2 CREC)

Reshaping Research Module 1: What is Cultural Competency?

(2 CREC)

Reshaping Research Module 2: Engaging the Community

(2 CREC)

Reshaping Research Module 3: Cultural Considerations in the Informed Consent Process

(2 CREC)

Reshaping Research Module 4: Recruitment & Retention

(2 CREC)

Engaging Underrepresented Racial/Ethnic Populations in Clinical Trials

(3 CREC)

Investigator Obligations under Health & Human Services (HHS) Regulations: Everything PIs Want to Know but Are Afraid to Ask

(3 CREC)

Cultural Competency in Research

(3 CREC)

Engaging in Cultural Competence through Awareness, Knowledge & Action

(3 CREC)

Informed Consent & Genetic Research: Risks, Uncertainty and Genome-Wide Association Studies (GWAS)

(3 CREC)

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