Award Acceptance and Setup

Upon receipt of the Notice of Award from a sponsor, the Case Western Reserve University Office of Pre-Award Services and Agreements will work with the Principal Investigator (PI) and research administrator to accept and set up an award. The documentation of award acceptance and the set up of an award occurs through SpartaGrants and Agreements. Specific guidance for the use of SpartaGrants and Agreement is on the SpartaGrants Canvas site.

Steps for the Acceptance and Setup of an Award

  1. PASA will review terms and conditions.
  2. PASA will negotiate award terms and conditions with the sponsor as needed. 
  3. The award is accepted. 
    1. Once the terms and conditions are agreed upon, the award is signed by the IO on behalf of CWRU. In those instances where a CWRU signature is not required on the agreement (such as federal grant awards), acceptance of the terms is typically indicated when the expenditures on the award have taken place and/or the check is cashed or funds drawn from the government
  4. Request of a preliminary number as needed or appropriate. See RADAR Training for guidance on requesting a preliminary number. 
  5. Establishing agreements with subrecipients as needed. Guidelines for establishing agreements with subrecipients is on the RADAR Training

    When a collaborator is external to CWRU, a subcontract must be established to pay for the work done at the other institution. Your Pre-Award Office will set up an individual speedtype for the subcontract and oversee the agreement preparation and execution by both parties. 

    Once fully executed, a copy will be sent to the PI and Administrator(s) for their records and to establish a Purchase Order (PO) for the total amount funded by the agreement. 
    • Create a requisition in PeopleSoft Financials using the Special Requests option. Create the requisition for the full amount funded by the subcontract and upload the fully executed subcontract as backup on the requisition line.
    • A PO will be set up by Purchasing and show up as an encumbrance on the speedtype’s statement. 
  6. PASA staff will verify compliance requirements. 
  7. The Conflict of Interest staff will review outside interests for new awards.
  8. Review and update of submitted proposal budget.
    1. Establishment of subprojects at CWRU and for subrecipients as appropriate. 
  9. PASA staff will set up an award in Peoplesoft Financials.
  10. Releasing and distribution of the CWRU and Sponsor NOA to the PI and Research Administrator.
  11. The research project commences. 

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