Core Research Facilities

What is a Core Facility? 

Case Western Reserve University's core facilities offer a number of services—ranging from cell sorting and solar cell testing to polymer compounding and high resolution electron microscopy—and are supported by faculty and staff with years of technical and scientific experience.

Through these many diverse resources, CWRU and the Office of Research and Technology Management provide access to state-of-the-art equipment and instrumentation, service work, technical expertise, and training all designed to support innovative, cutting-edge research. Our core facilities are available to assist university, research laboratory and industrial researchers in their scientific and commercial efforts.

CWRU’s core facilities are shared resources organized into laboratory spaces by areas of technology, supporting schools and scientific study. Please view the individual facilities' sites for more information or contact for help with general questions related to core facilities.

Core leadership will provide advice, assay development and consultation to support anyone's research program. 

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