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Commercialization and Industry

Bridging CWRU Innovations with Market Success

There’s a reason commercial partners turn to Case Western Reserve University when seeking disruptive emerging technologies that align with their business goals and can provide a competitive edge. Here, we make discoveries that keep up with the quick pace of innovation, then transfer them to develop new products and services—sparking economic growth.

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Research That Counts

in industry awards over the last five fiscal years
in research at CWRU each year
recent industry partners
patents filed and an average of 70 U.S. patents issued each year

CWRU Researchers: Take Research to Market

From conceptualizing your research ideas to putting them into action, the research lifecycle can be a complicated process. We’re here to help, whether you need to learn about getting started with the process, wish to disclose an invention, or are ready to pursue licensing opportunities.

Industry Partners: Collaborate with CWRU

If you’re looking to solve a pressing problem in your business, pursue a licensing agreement, or connect with faculty experts, Case Western Reserve University is ready to partner with you. Our extensive equipment, research facilities, expertise and the like create the ideal environment for industry collaboration.

Far-reaching Connections

Case Western Reserve University is a proud member of the Ohio Innovation Exchange, a one-stop shop for partners seeking to connect with Ohio’s academic researchers, laboratories and other university assets.

And our track record speaks for itself—we’ve helped 50 companies launch since 2001, which have raised more than $200 million in follow-on funding and acquisitions. Plus, we boast 270+ recent industry partners, from Fortune 500 companies to recent start-ups. Your connection to a network of experts lives at Case Western Reserve.

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