Supplemental Document Tools

A number of supplemental document tools are available to assist Case Western Reserve researchers as they navigate the finding process. 

Data Management Plans 

For help building your data management plans (DMP), use Research Data, Case Western Reserve University’s collection of resources for guiding researchers on responsible research data management throughout the research lifecycle, including data management and sharing policies, the DMPTool, data collection and analysis, and more. For help setting up your data management plan, check out: 


A collection of information on a researcher’s education, employment, research activities, publications, and more. A biosketch can be created with the SciENcv tool, and information can be made public to share with others. The biosketch may also include information on other support/current and pending support. Sponsors may request information on other active and pending support to ensure there is no scientific, budgetary, or commitment overlap. Learn more about NIH guidance, and discover more about NSF guidance. NSF now requires biosketches to be created with SciENcv. 

In addition to ensuring that your biosketch is in the appropriate format, each sponsor has its own disclosure requirements. Principal investigators should refer to the faculty disclosure and reporting guidance as part of proposal development to ensure that all required activities are disclosed.

Core Facilities Assessment: Help establish the scope of your budget by consulting with the cores regarding equipment and instrumentation, service work, technical expertise, and training that can support your research.