Ongoing Award Management

Successful management of sponsored projects requires regular attention from both the principal investigator and the research administrator. Both need to review specific administrative aspects at regular intervals to ensure sponsor funds are utilized to further the aims and goals of the project and in accordance with CWRU and sponsor requirements and regulations. 

Launching the Project

Project launch—including a thorough review of the sponsor requirements and the CWRU internal Notice of Award (NOA)—is a critical phase in the efficient management of sponsored projects.

Project Launch 

Financial Management

ORTM strives to ensure that PIs and research administrators have the financial knowledge, resources and guidelines to effectively manage sponsored projects.

Project Financial Management

Post-Award Changes

Any changes to a project—including budget, personnel, etc.—after receiving the award must follow specific procedures.

Post-Award Changes

Reporting Obligations

Management of sponsored projects involves regular and accurate submission of progress reports, financial statements and other documentation to the sponsor. Adherence to these obligations is key for transparency, accountability and maintaining compliance.

Reporting Obligations