Federal Funding Opportunities

In the United States, the federal government often supports research and development efforts at higher education institutions. And at Case Western Reserve University, this support drives many of our projects.

The Office of Research and Technology Management (ORTM) can help you navigate the broad network of federal funding agencies that award grants to projects or programs focused on research to support the public good. 

In this section, you can explore an assortment of resources and tips for finding federal funding opportunities within these agencies, such as the National Institutes of Health (NIH), National Science Foundation (NSF), Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health (ARPA-H), Departments of Energy and Defense, and others.

Curate and Filter Your Searches

There are a variety of ways you can customize your search for funding at the federal level. 

Grants.gov, an online portal that enables federal grant-making agencies to create and share funding opportunities, can also help you find and apply for federal grants, with a variety of filtering abilities. Find federal funding via Grants.gov.

Or, search for new funding opportunities within your preferred agency, such as via the NSF’s funding search tool or NIH's Find Grant Funding Guide. ORTM staff can help you navigate these processes.

Stay Up to Date on Opportunities

Part of connecting with federal funding opportunities is knowing what’s available. Keep up with these tips to ensure you’re in the know when new opportunities emerge.

Subscribe to Emails and Newsletters

Some federal funding agencies send regular emails with grant information and other announcements. You may wish to:

Subscribe to Agency RSS Feeds

You can stay informed about new and updated grant opportunities through RSS feeds, which offer continuously updated announcements. Please note, Google Chrome users must install the RSS feed extension in order to view these pages.

Follow Social Media Feeds

Some of your preferred funding organizations post their latest funding opportunities on X (formerly known as Twitter). Follow these accounts to make sure you see new posts when they go live: 

Understand Agencies’ Priorities

Each federal funding agency has priorities, and these priorities change every year. It’s important to drill down into what each agency is really looking for during their latest funding round.

Funding Forecasts and Cleared Concepts

If you look in the right places, you can learn about emerging research initiatives before the funding opportunity announcements are socialized. Available NIH Agency Forecasts and cleared concepts include those from:

Federal Workshop Reports

Federal agencies host sponsored workshops that provide information on their ongoing priorities and new research initiatives. Workshop reports are available following these events and can offer valuable insight as you identify opportunities. Take a look:

Consult Program Officials

Program officials play leading roles in making funding decisions and can serve as important resources to investigators, who can turn to them when finding funding and throughout the grant preparation process. Program officials can answer your questions, advise you on applying for grants, explain summary statements and provide guidance on managing awards. 

Federal agencies have lists and tools to help you identify the correct program official to contact related to your research area. Broad agency announcements and funding opportunity announcements often list the program official’s name and contact information.