Jessica A. Wojtalik, PhD

Assistant Professor
Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences

Dr. Wojtalik’s research interests and goals surround the advancement of psychosocial interventions that can meaningfully improve community functioning for people experiencing schizophrenia and other severe mental health conditions.

Dr. Wojtalik has a particular interest in cognitive remediation interventions for people with early course schizophrenia. She has over a decade of experience researching and providing Cognitive Enhancement Therapy (CET), a social work-developed cognitive remediation intervention, for people with schizophrenia and Autism. Beyond cognitive remediation, Dr. Wojtalik has recently started a collaborative research effort to examine the effectiveness of trauma-focused interventions for individuals with severe mental illness.

Much of Dr. Wojtalik’s research in these areas is informed by the integration of social work and cognitive neuroscience. She considers such an integration a novel direction to advance direct mental health practice for people experiencing conditions with a strong neurobiological basis, such as schizophrenia and Autism.

Curriculum Vitae
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Doctor of Philosophy
University of Pittsburgh
Master of Social Work
University of Pittsburgh
Bachelor of Science
Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania

Residencies, Internships and Fellowships

Social Work
University of Michigan
Social Work and Cognitive Neuroscience
University of Pittsburgh

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