Student serving dinner in India

Global Health and Social Development in India (SASS 375G/575)  

3 credits

Image of two older en in traditional white indian dress on top of a jeep with many others inside, traversing a busy urban road, passing another truck with wooden sides, painted white with advertisements, on street with many shops and signs

In a rapidly developing India, how does the country address the multiple aspects of social welfare, public health and socioeconomic challenges? With a focus on southern India, discover how policy challenges are approached through preventative healthcare, nonprofits addressing poverty alleviation and non-formal education, and the IT sector in Bengalore.

Participate in a yoga and Ayurveda workshop at a world-renowned yoga center to learn about alternative healthcare models. Explore southern India through site visits and guided tours of nonprofit organizations focusing on environmental, health, social, economic and educational development. Engage with practicing social workers, policy advocates, field workers, government officials and eminent Indian scholars.

When studying abroad, the entire country is your classroom—no need for PowerPoint and quizzes. Studying abroad in India challenged my values. I saw problems that I never noticed in my own country and saw better solutions for existing challenges I had never thought of.
—Yingying Cai, anthropology undergraduate student, India 2017-18 

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