5 things to know about… the Harris Library

View of library stacks in Harris Library

The Mandel School's Lillian and Milford Harris Library is one of only a few libraries in the country dedicated entirely to social work literature and scholarship. Our librarians conduct virtual research consultations via email, phone or Zoom to help students find articles, books and other types of reliable information. All of the e-journalse-books and research databases are available to the Mandel School and CWRU communities.

In honor of February being National Library Lovers' Month, the Mandel School asked the librarians for five things people may not know about the Harris Library:

1. We have a growing collection of e-books that are easily accessible in the library catalog.

We also have print books and other materials.

2. We have a cart of free books just outside the library.

Everyone is welcome to take (and keep) whatever they wish!

3. We keep textbooks for Mandel School classes on reserve.

Just ask for them at the circulation desk.

4. We check out some unexpected items.

This winter, we are offering umbrellas and “Happy Lights.” Resembling electronic tablets, these 10,000 lux therapy lamps are intended to help combat dreary moods and low energy brought on by gray winter days.

5. We have free candy!

If your borrowed Happy Light doesn't do the trick, maybe a Life Saver will. :)

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