Dan Flannery to discuss bullying at American Academy of Pediatrics Conference

headshot of Daniel J. Flannery

Dan Flannery, the Semi J. and Ruth W. Begun Professor and director of the Begun Center for Violence Prevention, Research and Education, will give a presentation at the American Academy of Pediatrics' National Conference and Exhibition in Anaheim, CA, on Saturday, Oct. 8, from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. PDT, titled "What Pediatricians Can Do About Bullying." Bullying is recognized as a major preventable public health problem that can lead to poor physical health, anxiety, depression and increased risk for suicide. This session will provide an overview of recommendations for pediatricians in identification, prevention and intervention for youths involved as bullying perpetrators or victims. 1 CEU is available.

image001.pngFlannery also discussed the topics of injury, violence and poison prevention in an episode of the Charting Pediatrics: Our Pediatric Podcast, titled "The Role of a Pediatrician in Bullying Prevention.” Listen to the episode here.