Jennifer King pens piece on benefits of stress

headshot of Jennifer A. King

Jennifer King, assistant professor and co-director of the Center on Trauma and Adversity, wrote about navigating stress amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

In her piece, titled “The Pandemic Stress Hack That Just Might Keep You Going” and published on Medium, King explained how not all stress is a bad thing.

“In small, predictable doses, it helps us learn and grow,” she said. “It’s the sweaty palms, butterfly stomach you get before a big new thing: taking a test, doing a job interview, going on a date, playing in a championship game, (ahem) singing out loud on a Zoom call. When we face a challenge, the stress response system is activated, peaks, and then deactivates. We return to our baseline, whatever that baseline may be.”

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This story appeared in The Daily on Jan. 28, 2022.