Mandel School student shares how he shows love on Valentine’s Day and beyond

Harley Rubin headshot outside in the snow

Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14) traditionally evokes symbols of romance, such as candle-lit dinners, flowers and candy. But this annual observance also is a time to celebrate the beauty of love in all forms, whether romantic, platonic, familial or even internal. 

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, we connected with faculty, staff and students at Case Western Reserve University, who shared ways individuals can celebrate and share love on this day—and beyond.

Harley Rubin

Master of Social Work student, Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences
Vice President of Equity and Inclusion, Graduate Student Council

I think a great way to celebrate and share love is by becoming involved in your community. As hard as it is to put yourself in new social situations, it feels so incredible to become part of a community that shares your values—whether it is identity-based, volunteering, political, sports, religious, or any other kind of community. 

The organizations I’ve joined have brought so much love into my life. Sign up for something!

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