Student Spotlight: Jamaal Hill

Jamaal Hill smiling with a child

Class Year: May 2024

Degree Program: Master of Nonprofit Organizations (MNO)

What made you choose this area of study?

I have worked in the nonprofit sector for about 15 years. I chose nonprofit management because it offers diverse career opportunities across sectors. This program focuses on essential leadership and management skills like strategic planning, collaboration and board engagement, all of which are necessary for effectively leading and supporting mission-driven organizations. Additionally, studying nonprofit management emphasizes the importance of community engagement and fosters the development of strong relationships with stakeholders. Overall, the MNO program equips individuals with the expertise needed to make a meaningful impact in addressing societal challenges through innovative and sustainable approaches.

Why did you choose CWRU/the Mandel School?

CWRU offers an Employee Education Benefit that covers the cost of tuition, which is an incredible perk of working at the university.

What's your favorite thing about CWRU/the Mandel School or your favorite memory?

My favorite part about the program has been the opportunity to learn from, collaborate with and problem solve with so many amazing thought partners and peers. The professors and guests of the classes are truly heavy hitters in the field, which has elevated my experience.

As a graduating student, what's a piece of advice/encouragement you'd like to share with current students?

Make the most of the expertise and resources available to you. Our professors are seasoned professionals with remarkable experiences, wisdom and extensive networks, and they are eager to share their knowledge with you. Additionally, your classmates bring invaluable experiences and diverse perspectives to the table, enriching your learning experience further.

What are your post graduation plans?

I am employed full-time at CWRU, but I plan to pursue board involvement in the near future.