Student Spotlight: Jasmine Myers

Jasmine Myers in front of a neon "Flourish" sign

Class Year: May 2023

Degree Program: MSW Online

Concentration: Mental Health with Adults

Hometown: Shelby, North Carolina

Field Education OrganizationAlternative Paths in Medina, Ohio

Before beginning at Case Western Reserve University, what were you doing?

I was employed as a Mental Health Adult Case Manager.

Why did you choose CWRU/the Mandel School?

I chose CWRU for the excellent social work program. I had heard great things about the program.

Describe your field education practicum experience and any work/projects you have done.

My supervisor encouraged me to connect with local human trafficking organizations as a survivor of human trafficking to offer my expertise. As a result, I sit on the Survivor Advisory Council at the Collaborative to End Human Trafficking and I am the director of programming with Total Life Wellness. Both organizations allow me to have a survivor voice and an impact on the community. I am passionate about ending human trafficking and making a difference.

What are you doing in field that you’re planning to bring with you into your career?

I plan to continue my work in the human trafficking sector.

What is something you have learned during your practicum that you have found to be the most helpful in your social work journey?

I have learned how to effectively advocate for system and policy changes.

Who is someone you met during your field education that will change the way you practice?

Rachel Socorro. The way that she encourages and empowers survivors to share their voice and experiences provides a safe space that encourages growth.

What are you most looking forward to this semester?

I am looking forward to graduating!

What do you hope to do with your degree?

I hope to continue being a survivor leader in the human trafficking sector.

What is your favorite thing about CWRU/the Mandel School?

My favorite thing is the relationships I have built with my online cohort here.

What is your favorite thing about Cleveland?

All of the natural parks!

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

I have utilized my creative writing abilities to share my experience, strength and hope.

Editor's note: Jasmine uses creative writing to work through her own experience and educate others about human trafficking. Her story is difficult to hear but she is an inspiration as well. She was one of the speakers at a human trafficking summit facilitated by the Community Innovation Network in February, Thriving Youth Summit: Survivors and Systems Coming Together to End Youth Trafficking.

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