Student Spotlight: Jaylin Crumb

Jalin Crumb with her hands on her hips and a Spartans t-shirt on

Class Year: August 2023

Degree Program: MSW (Advanced Standing Online)

Concentration: Children, Youth and Families

Hometown: Birmingham, AL

Field Education OrganizationGrace House Ministries in Fairfield, AL

Before beginning at Case Western Reserve University, what were you doing?

I was working towards my Bachelor's of Science degree in social work from Tennessee State University in Nashville. I graduated Magna Cum Laude in three years.

Why did you choose CWRU/the Mandel School?

I knew that CWRU would be an excellent fit for me because it would prepare students like me, who are compassionate and diverse individuals eager to make a difference, to become one of the best social work leaders at the local, state and federal levels that the future desperately needs.

Describe your field education practicum experience and any work/projects you have done.

Over the summer I attended an enrichment program with youth girls and implemented community involvement which will enhance social and economic justice for foster youth. Currently, I attend weekly team meetings where clients and their situations are discussed; assist social workers with developing goals for clients; discuss client case management plans with my field instructor to determine the best course of action for each client based on their individual needs; and participate in staff orientation, reviewing policies and procedures, parent education programs, workshops, classes, seminars and support groups pertinent to innovative and creative parenting techniques. I also help teach/coach independent living skills at residential homes. I am a role model to all youth girls on the campus and am preparing those between ages 17 and 19 with transitional living plans for independence, which includes skills in education, financial literacy, living, mental/physical health and professional settings.

What are you most looking forward to this semester?

Being the best social worker and Change Agent that I can be, as well as being the best servant leader that I can be through my organizational involvement.

What do you hope to do with your degree?

I would like to focus on child welfare by serving foster youth and/or teens—I see myself focusing on mental health either as a counselor or life coach. I plan on furthering my educational journey by obtaining my LICSW after graduation next year; I also plan to apply for the DSW's clinical component, eventually establishing my own nonprofit organization for foster youth males between the ages of 18 and 21, known as "Your Home."

What is your favorite thing about CWRU/the Mandel School?

My professors, my peers, my advisors and our overall learning environment space together. I love the dynamics of being able to be your own authentic self and to be diverse across the board at the Mandel School.

What is your favorite thing about Cleveland?

I haven't been to Cleveland yet since I'm an online student based in Alabama, BUT upon graduation I am so excited to visit CWRU's campus, enjoy some amazing food and restaurants, and see some marvelous sites and locations while visiting the city!

This story appeared in The Daily on Feb. 7, 2023.