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On March 1, the Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB) Social Work Workforce Coalition launched the largest survey of social workers to date: the Social Work Census.

The census is an online survey that intends to gather information about social workers, by social workers, to be shared with social workers. It is historic in scope—covering both the United States and Canada—with the goal of building the most inclusive picture to date of who today’s social workers are and what they are doing in their practices. Who are social workers? What do they do? What critical knowledge, skills and abilities do they need to practice safely when they enter the profession?

In addition to providing vital workforce data for the profession, the census will serve as ASWB's next practice analysis, which informs the exam blueprint and ensures that the licensing exams are assessing entry-to-practice competence.

Whether you are currently practicing, retired or studying to become a social worker, you are encouraged to complete the census. It is also open to other professionals who perform social work functions or engage in human services work.

To encourage participation, licensed social workers will receive two (2) FREE Social Work CEUs for completing the census. The Social Work Workforce Coalition has also identified 13 nonprofit organizations to receive donations. After completing the census survey, respondents will be able to select an organization to receive a $1 donation to be pooled with $1 donations from other respondents selecting the same organization. The Association of Social Work Boards will fund donations up to a total of $100,000.

The Mandel School endorses the new Social Work Census and is offering its own incentive to encourage participation—complete the census and register to be entered into a drawing to take a free master’s level course (TBD) in our online format. To be eligible for this opportunity, you need to complete the census and hold a bachelor’s degree in any discipline.*

This is an opportunity to shape the profession and practice of social work for years to come. ASWB and the Social Work Workforce Coalition are working diligently to spread the word about the census and drive participation. Here's how you can join the effort:

  • Share the census website with social workers in your jurisdiction and encourage them to participate.
  • Like and share posts about the census on social media—look for the #SocialWorkersCount hashtag on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.
  • Request a pack of "Social Workers Count!" stickers to share with your social work colleagues by sending your mailing address to info@aswb.org.

Social Workers Count!

Take the Census by May 31

*Mandel School students are not eligible for this opportunity.