Intensive Weekend Social Work Master’s Degree

Intensive Weekend Student Portrait

A degree that fits your lifestyle

At the Mandel School, students can continue their full-time, social services position while pursuing graduate training in social work. Meet in person, on campus, one weekend per month, and earn your degree without interrupting your life.

Network of social work colleagues

Your close-knit cohort provides a uniquely supportive environment while working toward your degree. This camaraderie sets the foundation for a long-lasting professional network that continues beyond your time at the Mandel School.

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Hands on, practical knowledge

Child welfare officer, private practitioner, higher education administrator, addiction specialist, program manager, trauma specialist—all are students within the intensive weekend cohort. Our intensive weekend students bring practical knowledge into the classroom for learning that is directly applicable to the field.


  • Meet in person, on campus one weekend per month
  • Earn your degree while maintaining full-time employment
  • Students typically pursue two classes per semester with field education
  • Classes are held primarily on Saturdays and Sundays from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Content delivery includes lecture, group work and independent study
  • Earn your degree in 2 to 3 years of study to fulfill between 36 and 60 credit hours

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