Carina Montoya

Carina Montoya (she/they) received a B.S. in Psychology and a B.A. in Religious Studies from Arizona State University in 2017 and completed her Master of Social Work with a specialization in Public Child Welfare from Arizona State University in 2019. Carina worked for three years in public child welfare, in their final role providing specialized case management to identified survivors of child sexual exploitation. As a licensed social worker in Arizona, Carina provided trauma-informed care as an adolescent trauma and equine therapist in a community-based agency, providing specialized care to identified trafficking survivors or adolescents at-risk of exploitation. Currently as a licensed social worker in Ohio, Carina works as a therapist providing services primarily to trauma survivors and to queer and neurodivergent individuals. Carina's research interests include sexual abuse intervention and prevention; effective trauma treatments regarding sexual violence;  expansion of trauma-informed services to gender-expansive and LGBTQIA+ identities; gender and sexuality identity and development; and adolescent well-being.