Work from Home + Testing Nov. 30–Dec. 17

Dear Mandel School Faculty and Staff,

As a follow-up to the President and Provost's message, we want to make sure that everyone has the equipment they need to successfully work from home. Please be reminded that anyone can take their office monitor, keyboard and mouse home (complete this Google form – no need to note your keyboard/mouse). Please email Eileen Connell and Craig Zullig if there are additional equipment needs or issues.

As noted below, some do teach from technology-enhanced classrooms. Although most of our teaching is already happening remotely at the Mandel School, some are teaching from their campus offices. While this is still permissible, the university is asking us to teach 100% remotely to further reduce the number of people on campus.

Free COVID-19 testing is available for all members of the CWRU community Monday–Saturday in the Veale Convocation, Recreation and Athletic Center track area. The university has engaged Vault Health to provide a saliva test. Information on scheduling a test can be found on the COVID-19 Surveillance page.

During the period from Nov. 30–Dec. 17, if you are going to be on campus for more than a day, you are required to have a COVID-19 test on the first day you are on campus. You do not have to wait for your results to begin work on campus. A weekly COVID-19 test is required during the prescribed period if you will be on campus. This rule applies to both faculty and staff. 

Note that you may have the test done within 7 days of first being on campus. This means that your test can be done the week of Nov. 23.

While this stay-at-home notice is effective Monday, Nov. 30, please note the Cuyahoga County and Cleveland advisories went into effect Nov. 18. The Nov. 30 date was selected to give individuals time to prepare but individuals should work remotely as soon as possible.

Lastly, please take this time to remove any food from your area—as previously shared in the Nov. 17 Mandel Memo, we do have mice entering the building. Email if you see evidence of mice.

Thank you, and have a restful Thanksgiving holiday.

Craig M. Zullig, MBA, CRA
Associate Dean for Finance and Administration

Grover C. Gilmore, PhD
Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel
Dean in Applied Social Sciences