Human Resources Information during COVID-19

September 3, 2020

Dear Mandel School Staff,

We value the commitment of our staff and recognize the challenges many are facing as they balance work and increased family responsibilities due to COVID-19. We also believe our hard-working staff can balance these responsibilities to meet the needs of their departments.

The following Alternative Work Arrangements are available to all:

  1. Reduced Schedule (Part-Time): Non-exempt and exempt employees may request a reduced (part-time) schedule temporarily (i.e., three months or less) while maintaining full healthcare benefits (salary and vacation accrual will decrease proportionately).
  2. Flextime: Modify work hours to include evenings and weekends but maintain full-time status.
  3. CASEworks (Telecommuting): Typically, this option is only available to exempt employees. However, due to COVID-19 the university is making an exception by also offering this to non-exempt employees. It is not known when this exception will end.

Special note regarding CASEworks during COVID-19 period:

Due to social distancing requirements, many of our office suites have lower capacities. This means that staff will return on staggered schedules because we cannot have everyone present at the same time. Those affected by this do not need to complete a CASEworks agreement. A CASEworks arrangement would only be necessary if the employee wants to make this permanent and can adhere to a fixed schedule (i.e., every Monday at home and every Tuesday–Friday in the workplace).

To request any of these options, staff should email their supervisor and copy Melissa Van. All of these arrangements require supervisor, Mandel School and central Human Resources approval. Please contact Melissa Van for more information.

Additional Child Care Support for Faculty and Staff (with children in kindergarten through fourth grades):

  1. The university is offering full-time benefits-eligible faculty and staff who are categorized as working at least half-time, and whose total university compensation (excluding benefits) is $100,000 or less are eligible for up to $600 for childcare services provided during daytime hours. At this time, this is for the fall semester only.
  2. One to One Fitness Center and its Uptown studio, Next Level Fitness, are making arrangements to offer up to three hours of daytime childcare services at either location. Fees for this service will be scaled by income: for those earning up to $50,000 a year, it will be $4 an hour; for those earning between $50,001 and $99,999 a year, it will be $7 an hour; and for those earning $100,000 or more, it will be $10 an hour. To accommodate physical distancing requirements, the maximum number of children allowed at either site is six.

COVID-19 Sick Time and HCM Coding

Going forward, any sick time due to COVID-19 must be coded as regular sick time in HCM. Use TRC codes SICK or SCKFM (family sick) as appropriate. In addition, if you are sick due to COVID-19, all university protocols must be followed regarding reporting. Sick time is meant for unexpected illnesses or similar, whether for yourself or a family member. If you require a change due to a long-term issue (COVID-19 related or other), please review the Alternative Work Arrangements above and speak to Melissa Van.

Please let us know if there are any concerns or questions. The work accomplished by our staff is important, and we hope these university programs help our community balance work and family responsibilities.

This email has also been sent to faculty, so all groups are aware of these options.

Thank you.

Melissa Van, MS, SHRM-CP
Director of Human Resources

Craig M. Zullig, MBA, CRA
Associate Dean of Finance and Administration