April 6 Mandel Communication - Face Masks on Campus

Dear Colleagues,

The University has decided that for the safety of all members face masks are to be worn when you come to campus. There are only a few people at the Mandel School who have been deemed as essential employees whose jobs require them to come to campus occasionally. However, I know that people may feel compelled to go to their office to pick up files. Even during these short trips, a face mask is expected to be worn for you may encounter another person also visiting their office.

If anyone does not already have a fabric mask at home that they can use, CWRU has a limited number of disposable masks available on campus for one-time use. These can be obtained from Megan Koeth by emailing her at msk108@case.edu.

Homemade masks are acceptable. In addition to the many designs that media outlets have detailed, the Centers for Disease Control also provides guidance for sewn and non-sewn versions. In addition, the U.S. Surgeon General released a 45-second video with his own tutorial.

I appreciate the stellar work that everyone is doing under these difficult circumstances. Stay well.

Grover C. Gilmore, PhD
Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Dean in Applied Social Sciences