Network Information

Aetna Student Health offers Aetna’s broad network of In-network Providers.  You can save money by seeing In-network Providers because Aetna has negotiated special rates with them, and because the Plan’s benefits are better. 

If you need care that is covered under the Plan but not available from an In-network Provider, contact Member Services for assistance at the toll-free number on the back of your ID card.  In this situation, Aetna may issue a pre-approval for you to receive the care from an Out-of-network Provider.  When a pre-approval is issued by Aetna, the benefit level is the same as for In-network Providers.

A complete listing of Participating Providers is available through the internet by accessing Aetna's DocFind® Service. Additionally, information regarding Preferred Providers can be obtained by contacting Aetna Student Health at 877.850.6038.


You need pre-approval from us for some eligible health services. Pre-approval is also called precertification. Your in-network physician is responsible for obtaining any necessary precertification before you get the care. When you go to an out-of-network provider, it is your responsibility to obtain precertification from us for any services and supplies on the precertification list. If you do not precertify when required, there is a $500 penalty for each type of eligible health service that was not precertified.  This does not apply to services and supplies deemed to be medically necessary.  For a current listing of the health services or prescription drugs that require precertification, contact Member Services or go to


Precertification Call

Precertification should be secured within the timeframes specified below. To obtain precertification, call Member Services at the toll-free number on your ID card. This call must be made.

Type of precertification needed Requirements
Non-emergency admissions: You, your physician or the facility will need to call and request precertification at least 14 days before the date you are scheduled to be admitted.
An emergency admission: You, your physician or the facility must call within 48 hours or as soon as reasonably possible after you have been admitted.
An urgent admission: You, your physician or the facility will need to call before you are scheduled to be admitted. An urgent admission is a hospital admission by a physician due to the onset of or change in an illness, the diagnosis of an illness, or an injury.
Outpatient non-emergency services requiring precertification: You or your physician must call at least 14 days before the outpatient care is provided, or the treatment or procedure is scheduled.

We will provide a written notification to you and your physician of the precertification decision, where required by state law. If your precertified services are approved, the approval is valid for 30 days as long as you remain enrolled in the plan.

Once we authorize eligible medical services, we will not refuse to pay if your physician or PCP, in good faith, submitted complete, accurate, and all necessary information to us.

When you receive precertification for a chronic condition, we will honor this previous precertification for an approved drug from the date of approval to the lesser of either: a) 12 months or b) the last day of your eligibility under this policy


Coordination of Benefits (COB)

Some people have health coverage under more than one health plan. If you do, we will work together with your other plan(s) to decide how much each plan pays. This is called coordination of benefits (COB). A complete description of the Coordination of Benefits provision is contained in the certificate issued to you.