Aug. 25 Message to Undergraduates: Charges for Those Learning Online and Living Outside the Region

To Our Undergraduates:

We write today regarding university charges for those students learning entirely online this fall. 

After extensive discussion and review, we have adopted an approach that recognizes the extraordinary efforts of our faculty in adapting courses for remote instruction this fall—as well as remote students’ inability to access services that require physical access to Northeast Ohio.

First, the university will charge all students the same tuition, regardless of location. Our faculty have prepared for remote and/or blended instruction throughout the summer, with many participating in a six-week program designed to help them learn and apply strategies for more effective and engaging class sessions throughout the semester. In addition, the faculty’s spring experiences teaching via Zoom provided invaluable lessons for this semester. 

Second, the university will eliminate select fees for those undergraduates living outside Northeast Ohio this semester. They are the Student Activity Fee ($210), the RTA fee ($40) and, for first-year and transfer students only, the matriculation fee ($598). This change will be reflected on students’ accounts later this week. In those instances where such fees already have been paid, students not on financial aid nor with scholarships that would then exceed the cost of attendance will receive refunds. Because federal regulations require that the university adjust the official cost of attendance when charges change, some students receiving aid will not get refunds, but rather see commensurate decreases in the amount of financial assistance awarded.

Those students previously registered for university housing but no longer permitted to live on campus already should have seen room and board charges removed from their accounts. Please direct any questions to (for room charges) and (for board charges).

We deeply regret that the pandemic required that we reduce the number of students eligible for on-campus housing, and very much hope to be able to welcome you back to campus for the spring semester.

Barbara R. Snyder

Ben Vinson III
Provost and Executive Vice President