Jan. 13 Message to Students: New Virtual Mental Health Option Wherever You Are

To Our Students:

Juggling the demands of classes and other responsibilities can be challenging in a typical academic year—and COVID-19 has made the task exponentially more difficult. 

Whether coming to campus for classes or learning remotely, all of you have had to manage significant additional burdens as a result of the pandemic. 

And while our counseling staff are deeply dedicated to providing you multiple forms of support, state licensure laws sharply restrict their ability to work with those outside Ohio. 

Today, we are pleased to announce a new initiative, CWRU Care, to help ensure that students living beyond our state can access mental health care from providers familiar with university students’ unique needs. More, it will increase students’ opportunities to connect quickly with counselors regarding specific issues—and, we hope, provide additional flexibility in scheduling regular sessions.

As with services our university counseling staff provide, your sessions and interactions with CWRU Care are free of charge to you.

CWRU Care represents a partnership between the university and TimelyMD, a telehealth provider focused solely on serving students in colleges and universities. Included among its more than four dozen campuses are Johns Hopkins, Duke, Emory and the Claremont Colleges in California. 

Case Western Reserve selected TimelyMD after meeting with its representatives and speaking with colleagues at other universities. Our counseling team has worked closely with the organization to provide information about our protocols for emergencies and other matters—and also to ensure broad alignment with our approaches to mental health care and support. 

Those who live in Ohio continue to have the option to access care through University Counseling Services, but also are eligible to use CWRU Care. Those outside Ohio can contact our counseling services 24/7 at 216.368.5872 either for emergency care or to seek assistance in identifying a qualified provider where they live. Alternatively, they can connect with providers using CWRU Care. For more information about accessing CWRU Care, please visit this page

Students living abroad are only able to access TimelyMD’s short-term assistance (e.g. when connected quickly with a provider to talk that day about an issue). Regularly scheduled sessions are not an option for those outside the U.S.

While the semester has not yet started for many of you, CWRU Care is available now for all students, online at cwru.care

We hope you find its services helpful during these trying times.

Richard B. Pazol, Psy.D
Director of Counseling Services

Sara Lee, MD
Executive Director, University Health & Counseling Services

Lou Stark
Vice President for Student Affairs