Nov. 12 Message to Students: New Measures to Reduce COVID-19 Transmission Risk

To Our Students:

As we are all witnessing, the COVID-19 surge is getting worse every day. 

The nation is setting new case and hospitalization records daily, while Ohio hits new highs nearly as often. In our own county, hospitals are reporting 10 percent positive test rates—double the figure just two weeks earlier.

We must do more to reduce your risk of infection. Starting at 5 p.m. tomorrow (Friday, Nov. 13), we are instituting the following Shelter in Place protocol:

All students living in university housing are expected to remain in their respective rooms as much as possible.

You may leave to:

  • Get food/meals (to eat in your room) 
  • Attend in-person classes and/or labs
  • Report for in-person employment or university-approved research 
  • Exercise safely—preferably outdoors
  • Visit libraries while maintaining physical distance and wearing masks

You may not:

  • Participate in group activities (indoor or outdoor)
  • Eat and/or drink in restaurants, bars or other establishments
  • Leave Cuyahoga County if you plan to return prior to Nov. 21

All other students attending in-person classes (e.g. those living off campus) are asked to follow the above directives as well. 

These measures benefit not only your own health, but also the well-being of those around you now and during Thanksgiving. If you do plan to leave campus before the holiday, we highly recommend that you schedule an appointment for an exit test between three and six days before you depart. You can find additional guidance regarding travel on our COVID-19 website.

Given how rapidly case counts are increasing nationwide, we may need to take additional steps to protect your health. We will monitor developments closely in the coming days, and will update you as circumstances require.

Thank you in advance for your efforts to remain virus-free.

Scott Cowen
Interim President

Ben Vinson III
Provost and Executive Vice President