Oct. 12 Message to Undergraduates: Deadline for Housing Preferences 8 p.m. TODAY

To Our Undergraduates:

We write first to remind you that the deadline to indicate whether or not you would like to live in campus housing is 8 p.m. today, and second to address some of the additional questions you have posed regarding the spring housing process. 

Please remember, the form you complete differs based on your current housing status:

If you do not complete the appropriate form by that deadline, you will not be able to live in campus housing this spring. The only exception to that prohibition would involve a dramatic change in circumstances that could not have been anticipated by today.

We feel a strong obligation to hold to tonight’s 8 o’clock deadline because the number of requests for campus housing are likely to exceed our available capacity. In addition, those who indicate that they want campus housing will be able to withdraw the requests without penalty until after the course modalities are published in the Student Information System. We will announce the deadline for withdrawing a request once that publishing date is finalized.

In addition, many of you submitted conditional questions regarding individual situations—for example, “will I be able to live in a suite with x and y if I request spring housing?” or “will I get to live in [name of building] if I indicate I want to live on campus in the spring?” 

Because we do not yet know the number of students who will choose to remain on campus next semester, we are unable to address specific questions. We will try to provide answers as soon as we have the information needed to do so.

One question we can answer now is that yes, it is possible a student will be assigned to your suite whom you do not know.

Finally, as with fall semester housing, students not approved to live on campus in the spring will have the opportunity to apply for an exception based on extenuating circumstances.

Again, the deadline to complete the respective CampusGroups form is today at 8 p.m. If you are currently living on campus, complete the current resident form. If you are not living on campus, please complete the off-campus student form.

Lou Stark
Vice President for Student Affairs

Richard Jamieson
Vice President for Campus Services