Sept. 11 Message to Students: Address Updates & Next Week’s Testing

To Our Students:

Today marks the end of our first week of surveillance testing for students living and/or learning on campus. We want to thank the students who joined us at the Veale Convocation, Recreation and Athletic Center on their assigned days, as well as those who contacted us to arrange another date.

Along with advancing our efforts to protect the health of the campus community, this next phase of the testing process also provided three valuable insights:

  • the Student Information System (SIS) is not entirely accurate when it comes to your current addresses;
  • some of you say you are not on campus when you actually are; and
  • as with many efforts people try for the first time, we discovered ways to improve ours.

As a result of this week’s lessons, we have one request, one reminder, and one refinement of the process:

Request: Please check your address in SIS, and update if necessary, no later than 8 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 20.

Reminder: If you are coming to campus for any reason—even if you do not live in university housing or take in-person classes—you should come to Veale to be tested when you receive a university email telling you to do so.

Refinement: Rather than assign selected students to specific days for testing, we will give you the option to come on any of the testing sessions offered that week. For next week, testing is from noon to 4:30 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday (Sept. 15-17) in the track area of the Veale Convocation, Recreation, and Athletic Center. We will send reminders on Wednesday and Thursday mornings to those who have not yet arrived for their tests.

We appreciate your ongoing efforts to help protect yourselves, your classmates, and the rest of the campus community.

University Health and Counseling Services

P.S. Don’t forget to update your address in SIS!