March 15 Email to Undergraduates: FAQs Regarding Grades, Forms & Deadlines

To Our Students:

Below is information that the Office of Undergraduate Studies has provided to assist you during this transition.

Provost Ben Vinson III

Frequently Asked Questions for Undergraduates

Remote delivery of courses is scheduled to begin on Wednesday, March 18. We are grateful that your instructors are working to make this transition as smooth as possible for you. Our faculty and staff are committed to maintaining a high level of academic quality as you progress toward your degree this semester.

While we have surely not anticipated all questions, the information below addresses some of the concerns students have shared regarding grading and other administrative policies and procedures.

Yes, for this semester, the deadline for all undergraduates to withdraw from a course or choose the P/NP grading option will be the last official day of classes, Monday, April 27. This is the deadline currently posted for first-year students.

All forms and documents you will need are available as fillable PDFs ( This includes the forms to declare a major or minor, to withdraw from a course when that cannot be done through SIS, to get approval for off-campus study, and to make special requests. Undergraduate Studies and Student Advancement (your navigators) are prepared to receive these forms by email. Emails sent from student or faculty CWRU email accounts will be viewed as the equivalent of a signature.

Yes. These are important conversations, and you should still expect to have them with your academic advisors, though they will need to take place by phone, Zoom or email. Do not hesitate to reach out to your advisors, as well as your navigators and any other campus resources on which you rely for support. We all want to see you progress to your degree as successfully and seamlessly as possible under these difficult circumstances.

Many of you have already completed your work, and we hope that others will be able to do so by the established deadline of March 27. If that proves to be impossible because of the transition to remote education, Undergraduate Studies is prepared to review special requests, supported by your faculty, to extend the date by which the work must be completed. Please be in touch with the Office of Undergraduate Studies at