March 19 Message to Undergraduates: Academics, Housing and Well-Being

To Our Undergraduates:

We hope your first day of remote learning went well, and that you are beginning to adjust to the many changes you have needed to make over the past two weeks.

We realize these are difficult times, and appreciate everything you have done to help protect yourself and those around you.

Below are several updates and reminders regarding academics, housing and overall wellness.


Drop-Add Period for Second-Half Courses Extended: In light of all of these recent disruptions, tomorrow’s existing deadline has been postponed to March 27.

P/NP Option: This option—which still would allow those who want letter grades to get them—has received strong support from the Faculty Senate Committee on Undergraduate Education and its Executive Committee. It is on the agenda for Monday’s full Faculty Senate meeting, and we will update you afterward.

Technology Access: We know some of our students live in areas with limited or even no connectivity to the Internet. Earlier this week, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) reached agreement with providers to increase efforts to connect people who need access. UTech has provided details of the additional services on its website, under the headline “How to Get Connected and Stay Connected."


Departure Deadline: Students not approved to remain in campus housing must be out of their rooms as of noon, Sunday, March 22. Their keycard access to their building will be turned off at that time.

This deadline does not require students to take all of their belongings (i.e. fully check out), although students are strongly encouraged to do so. The university will provide additional guidance soon for those who need to return to pack all of the items in their campus residences.

Make Sure We Know You Have Checked Out: For those who already have packed all of their things and departed—or will be doing so prior to noon on March 22—please make sure that you have completed checkout per the guidance provided in an email earlier this week.

Make Sure We Know You Are Not Here—But Will Be Coming Back to Pack Your Belongings: Please visit My Housing now and select the “Notify housing of deferred checkout” option in the website navigation. The university will provide additional information about subsequent move-out procedures as soon as they are available.

Health & Wellness

Feeling Sick: Stay at home and stay away from others with whom you live. If you are on or near campus, call student health at 216.368.2450. If you are home, call your local health provider.

Feeling Anxious: If on campus or within Ohio, contact counseling services at 216.368.5872. If home, contact your local provider. If you do not have a nearby provider, contact counseling at 216.368.5872 for assistance.

Feeling OK: Good. Try to stay that way by:

  • taking frequent breaks from constant COVID-19-focused news and social media;
  • remembering that social distancing does not mean social isolation. Stay in touch with your friends and others; find ways to offer support; and
  • getting adequate sleep, healthy meals and regular exercise.
With best wishes,

Jeffrey Wolcowitz, Dean of Undergraduate Studies
Lou Stark, Vice President for Student Affairs
Sara Lee, Executive Director of University Health and Counseling Services