March 28 Message to Faculty/Staff: Helping Providers Get the Protection They Need

To Our Faculty and Staff:

The news is full of stories about providers facing shortages of masks, gloves and other protective gear—even as they work tirelessly to save others’ lives.

In response, some of you have said you want to help, citing masks and other supplies that you want to contribute.

But then come the questions: Is it something they can use? Who do I ask? Where do I give? And so on.

We applaud your desire to donate at this time of dire need, and suspect others on campus have similar sentiments.

At the same time, we share your concerns that efforts to assist might in fact impede; already overburdened providers have no time to sort to find gifts they can use among others they cannot.

Enter our staff from emergency management and other offices. They have organized a drive to identify the personal protective equipment we actually have on campus—and then learn more about individual items.

To be clear, this request to inventory is entirely voluntary. It is the university’s attempt to match your goodwill to our community’s needs.

You can provide information through this form. If the items you list have potential to help, a staff member will contact you for additional details.

One point to keep in mind: If you choose to donate items, we cannot replace them later.

If you would like to copy and paste the link to the form, it is:

Thank you.

Barbara R. Snyder

Ben Vinson III
Provost and Executive Vice President