April 29 Message to Undergraduates: Faculty Senate Extends P/NP Deadline to May 11

To All Undergraduates:

At its meeting today, the Faculty Senate voted to extend the period of time for undergraduates to decide whether to choose letter grades or P/NP grading for this unusual semester until 11:59 p.m. EST on Monday, May 11. This will apply to all courses that had an end date of March 16 or later.

In light of this change, we will cancel all P/NP elections that were made by the earlier April 27 deadline. This will allow all letter grades submitted by your instructors to post in the Student Information System for you to review before the new deadline.

Once you have seen your grades for this semester, you will have a new opportunity to decide for each course whether you wish to keep the grade that has been posted or choose to convert it to P/NP grading.

All undergraduates who want to select P/NP options will need to do so again. Specific information about how to indicate that you wish to opt for P/NP grading will be sent early next week. If you do nothing, the letter grade will stand.

As you make your decisions, you should remember that grades of P for Spring 2020 courses will count toward major, minor, and general education requirements. You will also want to review the special rules about academic standing that were adopted for this semester.

Your navigator will be able to answer any questions that you may have about this policy change.

Good luck on your final exams and final projects!


Jeffrey Wolcowitz
Dean of Undergraduate Studies
Adjunct Professor of Economics