Gender Affirming Care

Thank you for seeking care at University Health & Counseling Services. We believe every CWRU, CIA and CIM student has the right to be treated with respect, and we strive to make our services accessible to trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming students. 

Preferred Names and Pronouns

We are working with other universities across the nation to make improvements to the way in which preferred names and pronouns are displayed in the electronic health record. We strive to address all students by the name and pronouns they prefer. If you wish to change your name or pronouns within your electronic health record, you can alert the nurse or provider of changes you would like to make. 

Services We Provide

Pelvic Exams

Medical Services are typically gendered but can be provided in alternate departments, if you prefer. Pelvic health exams (including Pap Smears) are typically performed by a Women's Health Provider. However, they can be arranged to be performed by a Primary Care Provider in a more neutral setting. 

If you would like to schedule this exam online, please choose Pelvic Exam with Women's Health Provider or Pelvic Exam with Primary Care Provider. 


Pre-exposure prophylaxis (or PrEP) is when people at risk for HIV take daily medicine to prevent HIV. When taken daily PrEP is highly effective. 

Hormone Therapy

If you are interested in initiating hormone therapy, please make an appointment to discuss a referral. For students already established on hormone therapy, an appointment can be made to discuss continuation of medication.

Additional Services

  • Sexual Health question or concern
  • Contraception (method needed, method problem, emergency contraception)
    • For more information about methods we encourage students to visit
  • Sexually transmitted infection testing
  • Routine Visit (general health concern, health screening visit, follow-up) 
  • Urgent Visit (illness, injury, flu-like symptoms) 

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is offered on a short-term basis with a counselor to discuss a personal concern relating to academic difficulties, stress, relationship problems, anxiety, depression or other personal matters. 

Group Counseling

Group counseling involves a small number of students who meet to discuss a common concern. The supportive atmosphere in group counseling can be of help to many because individuals typically learn that they are not alone with their feelings and experiences. UCS offers several groups specific to transgender and gender non-conforming students. Stop by our office in 220 Sears Library for a walk-in appointment to establish care and to learn more about our groups. 

LGBTQ+ Therapy Group

Students across marginalized sexual and romantic orientations, gender identities and expressions are invtied to this group, which is intended as a safe place for support. Feel free to bring topics to process with the group, such as coping with discrimination and oppression, coming out to family and friends, intersections of identity, or supporting an authentic sense of self in the face of social expections. Whether you're questioning your identity or have been out as LGBTQIA+ for a long time, you are welcome. 

Trans and Gender-noncomforming Group

This new group is for students who identify and trans or gender nonconforming who feel that their needs would be best met in a group with others who share that same aspect of their identity. 

Trauma Group

This group is for students who are experiencing difficulties as a result of gender-based violence. The group aims to combine psychoeducation and support in order to develop effective coping strategies, improve interpersonal relationships and instill a sense of safety while managing trauma related symptoms. 


Gender affirmation care is covered by the student medical plan. 

For specific benefit information, including levels of in-network and out-of-network coverage, visit the Student Health Plan Page or talk with your provider. 

We are always working to make all services more accessible to everyone at CWRU. If you encounter a situation in which you need more help, please contact Health Services at (216) 368-2450 or Counseling Services at (216) 368-5872