The university provides many different options to support both undergraduate and graduate students as they navigate their time at CWRU. From health, counseling and wellness services to food and housing insecurity, there are a lot of opportunities to get the help you need.

University Health and Counseling Services

UHCS provides healthcare and counseling for students of Case Western Reserve University and collaborates with the entire CWRU community through outreach, education, and services to promote a culture of safety and respect.

Support Resources

The Dean of Students Office and the Case Western Reserve University community are committed to helping students overcome any obstacles they may encounter, providing a number of resources that support students individually, as well as our broader community.

Reporting Systems

The Dean of Students Office provides several resources for members of the CWRU community, along with family or friends, can get help for students who may need support in overcoming obstacles.

CARE Reports

The CARE Reporting system allows CWRU community members, friends or family to report concerns about a student's wellbeing, and start the process of getting them support and advocacy.

COVID-19 CARE Reports

If you are concerned about a student who: may need additional support, have symptoms/exposures, or may be having difficulty adhering to public health guidelines.

Community Concerns Reporting System

A way for CWRU community members who have witnessed or have experienced incidents of bias, prejudice or discrimination involving a student to report their experiences.