Director's Message

Dr. Gary Schwartz standing in the WRB Auditorium with his hands folded in front

It is with great enthusiasm and passion that I embark with you—our consortium partners, members, and community—on this pivotal chapter to continue our journey toward excellence in cancer research, treatment, and compassionate care. 

The years 2023-2024 mark not only my appointment as the new director of the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center but also the renewal application of our designation as a National Cancer Institute (NCI) Comprehensive Cancer Center. In 2017, the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center (Case CCC), under the direction of Stanton Gerson, MD, received its first exceptional rating from the NCI; which led to the successful award of an NCI merit extension three years later, extending our funding to seven years rather than the customary five. The goal in 2024 is to follow in these footsteps—achieving another exceptional rating so we can continue to address the diverse needs of our community at the highest standards of scientific rigor. 

Case CCC’s designation as an NCI Comprehensive Cancer Center is based on the groundbreaking advancements in cancer research, detection, treatments, and prevention that are the result of the consortium of Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland Clinic, and University Hospitals, three of the top biomedical organizations in the country. It is through this synergy that we can unlock new possibilities, pushing the boundaries of knowledge and transforming the landscape of cancer care. 

I am honored to be Director of the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center. Together, we make a meaningful impact on the lives of those affected by cancer, providing hope in the face of adversity. And, I am certain that together, we can conquer cancer.

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Gary K. Schwartz, MD
Director, Case Comprehensive Cancer Center