Cleveland African American Prostate Cancer Project (CAAPP)

three African American men laughing together

What is CAAPP?

  • A research project in Cleveland led by a team of cancer survivors, researchers, doctors, and community members
  • Participants are African Americans who were assigned male at birth and are 40 years of age or older

Our Goals

barber cutting the hair of an African American man
  • To encourage African Americans who were assigned male at birth and are aged 40+ to take a Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) blood test to screen for prostate cancer
  • To better understand individuals' screening experience and intentions to receive the recommended care after getting their test results
  • To determine the support an individual needs to get screened for prostate cancer
  • To increase access to and build a relationship with primary care physicians

Our Purpose

  • African Americans assigned male at birth are 2.1 times more likely than those who are white and assigned male at birth to die from prostate cancer in the U.S.
  • This large difference is similarly seen in Cleveland
  • Prostate cancer screening is important because it helps to look for cancer before a person has any symptoms

Our Approach

Waverly at Urban Kutz
  • Prostate cancer and screening education in barbershops, a community setting
  • Local barbers receive education on how to talk about prostate cancer and screenings with their clients

Contact Us

Call: 216.368.8PSA (772)