Clinical Oncology Research Career Development Program

The purpose of this Clinical Oncology Research Career Development Program (CORP) is to provide interdisciplinary training in clinical and translational oncology research for clinical oncology junior faculty physicians who are interested in pursuing academic research careers as physician scientists. This training addresses the need for clinician investigators to translate fundamental cancer research discoveries into medical care of cancer patients. Eligible candidates are physicians (MD, DO or MD/PhD) with a clinical training background in one of a number of oncology disciplines, including medical, surgical, pediatric, dermatological, gynecological and radiation oncology.

About the Program

This career development program is supported by robust interdisciplinary clinical and translational research programs in the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center that provide Paul Calabresi Scholars the opportunity to select one of three areas of concentration:  

  • Mechanism-Based Therapeutics and Clinical Research
  • Stem Cell Biology and Hematopoietic Malignancy Clinical Research
  • Prevention, Aging and Cancer Genetics and Clinical Research

The Scholars’ individual training plan consists of a 2 to 3-year certificate program which includes a didactic curriculum with courses through CWRU that are designed to provide basic background and highly individualized advanced training in both clinical and methodological components of clinical and translational cancer research. Each Scholar is co-mentored by both a basic or behavioral scientist and a clinical investigator. A mentoring committee comprised of faculty in the Scholar’s focus of oncology research provides additional guidance and support. During the period of mentored laboratory training, the Scholars develop original hypothesis-based experiments related to disease mechanisms at a molecular or cellular level. As the Scholars build on their laboratory conclusions to create and implement clinical trials, they are mentored by clinical investigators. Clinical trials are aimed at developing new methods for diagnosis and testing promising ideas for novel therapeutic interventions. These components come together with the Scholar’s presentations at a national conference, publications in peer review journals and application for independent funding as a physician scientist. This program culminates in a Certificate in Clinical Translational Oncology Research.

The ultimate goal of the program is to provide clinical oncology junior faculty physician MD, DO or MD/PhD with the skills, experience and confidence to pursue independent and collaborative careers in clinical cancer research, thereby increasing the likelihood that basic/behavioral research findings will be applied to clinical cancer care in a creative and timely manner. The success of this program will be measured by the output of clinical oncologists that pursue careers dedicated to clinical research and discovery.

Application Information

Applications are currently being accepted. 

Deadline: May 22, 2022

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