Just in Time (JIT) Award

The Case Comprehensive Cancer Center (Case CCC) is providing seed funding to support the resubmission and/or competitive renewal efforts of strong grant applications that narrowly missed the payline at national funding agencies. Ideal candidates are those with R01 applications scored at the 20th percentile or better. In addition to providing funds necessary to gather essential data and findings, awardees will also receive assistance from the Pilot Advisory Committee in (i) preparing and revising their applications, and (ii) addressing the comments and concerns raised by the review panel. 

Award Description

  • Applications will be accepted and awarded on a rolling deadline basis
  • R01 applications should be in the upper 20th percentile to be eligible
  • Awards will be funded at $25,000 for 1 year
  • Funds must be expended within the 12-month funding period, as no-cost extensions will not be granted

Funding Criteria

  • Open to all Case CCC members
  • Projects must be highly competitive at the national level, receiving overall impact scores at the 20th percentile or better to be deemed responsive to this RFA
  • Applicants will work directly with the Pilot Advisory Committee (PAC) in reviewing the summary statement, planning experimentation, and revising the application to fully address the criticisms and concerns raised by the review panel 
  • All funds for shared resources must involve Case CCC facilities unless the use of a shared resource(s) at another NCI-funded institution is sufficiently justified


Applications are accepted and awarded on a rolling basis.

Apply for JIT Award