Tissue Resources Services

Tissue Procurement

  • Tissue Procurement team works directly with surgical pathologists to obtain samples
  • Custom protocol development for tissue collection and processing
  • Quality control reviews on human tissue samples are conducted to verify diagnosis before release to investigators (unless needed immediately)
  • Normal, benign, diseased, and malignant tissues from surgeries and autopsies
  • Matched normal adjacent tissue and tissues from different organ sites of the same donor with special emphasis on accessing metastatic samples
  • Tissues are collected from over 50 anatomic sites
  • No samples are collected from individuals with known infectious illnesses
  • Fetal biospecimens are not collected due to state and local statutes
  • Patient confidentiality is strictly maintained through the use of sample code numbers
  • Coded Surgical Pathology or Autopsy Reports containing final diagnosis
  • Tissue type and histopathologic status, sample weight or dimensions
  • Demographics (age in years, race, gender)
  • Chart reviews performed upon request to obtain additional clinical information
  • De-linked specimens are not traceable, and as such no further information can be obtained for these samples.
Service Unit Fee
Tissue - prospectively procured initial sample (includes QC) per sample $45
Banked Samples(Frozen and FFPE) per sample $55
Blood (Discarded) per sample $6
Serum (Discarded) per sample $8
Basic Chart reviews per case $60
Detailed Chart review per hour  
Sample long-term storage (>1 months) per vial $0.50
Shipping/Handling (with Prepaid FedEx or UPS account) per vial $10
*Specialized services are available    



  • Fixation of researcher-supplied tissues
  • Paraffin or OCT embedding
  • Serial sectioning and custom orientations
  • Unstained slides, Hematoxylin and Eosin (H&E) staining, special morphological stains, and enzyme histochemistry available
Service Unit Fee
Block, paraffin or OCT (Tissues dissected to size and fixed by researcher) per block $8
Slides, unstained per slide $5.25
RNase free handling charge for cryostat cutting (in addition to sample charge) per OCT block $15
RNase free handling charge for paraffin cutting (in addition to sample charge) per paraffin block $30
Staining charge for H&E or other simple stains including Cresyl Violet, Methyl Green, Methylene Blue, etc. per slide $2.75
Staining charge for complex stains including Copper, Elastin, Trichromes, Oil Red O, PAS,etc. per slide $8
Slide box if not provided by researcher (prices shown for 10, 25 or 100 place boxes) per box $1.50*
Rental of microtome or cryostat 30 minutes  $17.50
Agar/Paraffin embedding of cell pellets per block Tech time + $8

*Rush orders can be performed for an additional 50% fee.

**Slide box price may vary depending on market price

Immunohistochemistry (IHC) and Immunofluorescence and In situ hybridization

  • Routine immunohistochemistry and protocol development of commercially available and novel antibodies
  • Over 100 IHC assays available
  • 12 singleplex and multiplex RNA in situ hybridization assays optimized (please inquire)
Service Unit Fee
IHC (Investigator-supplied antibody) per slide $37
IHC (Core-supplied antibody) per slide $42
IHC Double stain per slide $47
IHC Triple stain per slide $52
IHC Assay Development (Investigator-supplied antibody) panel of 4 runs $500
TUNEL in situ assay per slide $55
In-situ hybridization per slide $70
IHC/ISH dual method stain per slide $85


Microscopy and Digital Imaging

  • Light, fluorescence, and phase contrast microscopy
  • Digital imaging for Histology, IHC, & TMA prepared slides
Service Unit Fee
Consultation, set-up and first slide photomicrograph per job $30
Additional slides per photo $4
Hardcopy photos (color laserjet printer, 8.5" x 11", std. paper) per photo $2

*Light, phase contrast, fluorescence (DAPI, FITC, and TRITC). Service offered to histology, IHC and TMA facility users.

Tissue Microarrays (TMAs)

  • Custom design and production of Tissue Microarrays
Service Unit Fee
TMA unstained slide (TMA from researcher) per slide $18
TMA unstained slide (TMA from core facility) per slide $180
Design TMA, CoPath search for potential TMA source blocks, obtaining blocks, scribing areas, etc.   Negotiate with collaborating pathologist
Core punch per core $6
Duplicate Punch per duplicate core $3
QC pathologist review per core $0.75