Integrated Genomics

The mission of the Integrated Genomics Shared Resource (SR) is to deliver a comprehensive spectrum of genomic technologies to the scientific community. 

The Integrated Genomics SR is comprised of four distinct components: the Gene Expression & Genotyping Facility [Wolstein Research Building (CWRU)], two Next Gen Sequencing Facilities [Wood Bldg (CWRU) and Lerner Research Institute (CC)] and a dedicated Analytics Unit [Wolstein Research Building (CWRU)]. Some services are uniquely found at a single site, while other services can be obtained at multiple locations to better accommodate users.


Service Type Description
Gene Expression Analysis
Nucleic Acid Isolation & Quality Assessment

Isolate RNA & DNA from:

  • Laser Capture Material
  • FFPE Material

Assess Quality & Conc:

  • Sample Triage
  • Technology Selection
  • Experimental Design
  • Data Analysis 
Next Generation Sequencing
Genotyping & Genetic Variations

To obtain more detailed information, visit the individual websites. 


Remember to acknowledge the valuable services provided by Cancer Center Shared Resources in your research papers and publications:
"This research was supported by the Integrated Genomics Shared Resource of the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center (P30CA043703)."

Contact for More Information

Role Contact Information
Director Martina Veigl, PhD
Co-Director Alexander Miron, PhD
Co-Director Yu-Wei Cheng, PhD
Co-Director Ricky Chan, PhD