Small Molecule Drug Development

The mission of the Small Molecule Drug Development Shared Resource (SR) is to optimize robust assays in 384-well format and to screen large chemical libraries to identify new small molecules for innovative cancer therapeutics. 


Service/Expertise Cost Description
Initial consultation None Investigators receive feedback regarding assay development/HTS goals, while Director and Managing Director suggest optimal assay approaches
Facility orientation/training $200/ session 2-hr session covering all instruments 
Operetta microscope, hourly usage $40/hour Enables investigators to benefit from automated 
Managing Director support $100/hour General support in assay development and execution
Bioactives Library access (3,200 cpds) $200 Enables pilot screening
HTS Library access (50,000 molecules) $2,000 Enables HTS
All-inclusive screening packages Quotes available Enables dedicated % effort from Managing Director, library access, and equipment time. Can include reagent costs. Priced on a per-project basis due to varying assay needs.


Remember to acknowledge the valuable services provided by Cancer Center Shared Resources in your research papers and publications:
"This research was supported by the Small Molecule Drug Development Shared Resource of the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center (P30CA043703)."

Contact for More Information

Director Drew Adams, PhD
Managing Director Yuriy Fedorov, PhD