Small Molecule Drug Development

The Small Molecule Drug Development Shared Resource (SR) optimizes robust assays in 384-well format and to screen large chemical libraries to identify new small molecules for innovative cancer therapeutics. 


Service/Expertise Cost Description
Initial consultation None Investigators receive feedback regarding assay development/HTS goals, while Director and Managing Director suggest optimal assay approaches
Facility orientation/training $200/ session 2-hr session covering all instruments
Operetta microscope, hourly usage $40/hour Enables investigators to benefit from automated
Managing Director support $100/hour General support in assay development and execution
Bioactives Library access (3,200 cpds) $200 Enables pilot screening
HTS Library access (50,000 molecules) $2,000 Enables HTS
All-inclusive screening packages Quotes available Enables dedicated % effort from Managing Director, library access, and equipment time. Can include reagent costs. Priced on a per-project basis due to varying assay needs.

Contact for More Information

Director: Drew Adams, PhD

Managing Director: Yuriy Fedorov, PhD