2016 - Core Grant Year of Record

I hope you share my enthusiasm for the many exciting events of the year, most importantly, your own contributions to your priorities and expectations for the year ahead.  Of course, you ask me to keep my eyes peeled towards the opportunities for the Cancer Center, and this year, that rests squarely on preparations for the renewal application, which in the context of most grants is "ages away" - 2017. BUT, for all CCSG applications, the year prior to the submission is the "year of record". Here is what I mean:

We will use 2016 as the year we collect data on all aspects of cancer research including:

Program meetings
Research initiative meetings, retreats, mini-retreats, journal clubs, etc
Cancer Center and institutional supported local and national cancer-related meetings
Cancer Center seminars
Cancer Center leadership meetings

All awards, separated by peer-reviewed vs others
Peer-reviewed, NCI NIH, DOD, others as defined by NCI
Foundation grants and awards - LLS, ASCO, ACS, MDSF, MF, etc
Non peer-reviewed awards, such as industry-supported awards
Career development grants
Philanthropic gifts and endowments
Internal grants including VeloSano, internal philanthropy

Clinical trials
Industry-initiated and sponsored
Bucket genomics trials
Non-therapeutic interventional
Population and observation studies

Catchment-area related research (Cleveland and the surrounding 15 counties)
Community outreach in education and research
The actions and meetings of the Community Advisory Board
Research related to and impacting our catchment area
Population and screening studies
Community participatory research

Institutional awards
Individual awards
Cancer Center members who are mentors (training records, current trainees)

Individual accomplishments
New members
Awards - local and national


What members can do:

Feel free to let us know about your event or accomplishment. Many of these activities we already collect so you can help by making your involvement as robust as you can and contributing even more than before.  In particular, increasing clinical therapeutic trial accrual is something that is a benefit to all of us.

Thanks and keep up your wonderful work and your contributions to the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center!