Cancer-focused Summer Undergraduate Program Kicks Off

The following is a message from Mark W. Jackson, PhD, Director of the CanSUR Program.

CanSUR Scholars gathered on Cleveland's East 4th street in front of Corner Alley, smiling

If you noticed an extra buzz of energy in the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center this week, it is likely because we welcomed the inaugural class of the new Cancer-focused Summer Undergraduate Research (CanSUR) Program! A total of 32 undergraduates from across the country were selected from nearly 300 applications and we are excited to have these bright young minds training with our researchers. This week, the scholars were immersed in a thorough overview of cancer research, took a tour of Cleveland on Lolly the Trolley, went bowling together downtown and were introduced to the labs they'll be working in for the next 9 weeks. Thank you to each of the cancer center members that have graciously taken on the task of mentoring our CanSUR scholars - I am certain that their time with you is priceless as they prepare for the next step in their careers. I'm looking forward to seeing our scholars learn, grow and present their final research experience at the CanSUR symposium at the end of the summer!